Additional Information


Lights on Arizona was founded in 2001 and focuses on residential and commercial lighting in the Maricopa County, Arizona area. 

At Lights on Arizona, we believe that craftsmanship, reliability and  effective communication, form the cornerstone of every project.  We  listen to our customers, and use that vital input to create beautiful  lighting portraits that can be enjoyed trouble free for years to come. 

Lights on Arizona offers a wide variety of solutions for your sound  and lighting requirements. We will design and build the perfect system  for your unique needs. We never 

over sell our clients and always make  sure you have everything you need. We pride ourselves in creating  stress-fee experiences for our clients. We don't cut corners, and we  ensure that safety is always our first priority.

Our services include: 

Power & Lighting Electrical design, layout & installation of  complete systems.  Residential & commercial troubleshooting &  repair.  New home wiring & remodel.  Custom Landscape Lighting for  that outdoor ambiance.  Living Arizona comfortably is a way of life.   Whether it's maintenace or repair, every job, large or small is handled  in a professional manner.