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Lighting Ideas

Our professional lighting design services add beauty and ambiance to your outdoor spaces. Using an array of techniques illustrated below, we will evoke just the right mood for your property. Trees, bushes, gardens, ponds, pathways, all spring to life while providing night-time safety and security.

Q: How important is voltage?

A: Absolutely critical. Proper voltage determines luminescent consistency and life expectancy of lamps. The job of the transformer is to reduce 120-volt power to a safe, energy-efficient, economical 12-volt current. A low-voltage transformer is the heart of a professional landscape lighting system. Lights On Arizona, uses multi-tap transformers to compensate for long distances where voltage drop may occur.  Good voltage means happy light bulbs that last a long time!

Q: Why use 12-volt lighting?

A: Low-voltage lights are the way to go for longer lamp life & low maintenance.  Lights On Arizona offers a wider variety of fixtures and lamps to suit the customer's needs for that outdoor resort style feel in their own backyard.  New LED lighting is now available in different colors for that special Wow look!

Connect Your Home and Landscape

Well executed night lighting can be an extension of the inside of a home, allowing patios, pools, and pathways to be used for entertaining, dining, or relaxing. Subtle lighting can create romance, intimacy, and mood - enhancing the outdoor setting in ways you may never have experienced.

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